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  日本人カメラ修理店 (Japanese Camera Repairer) and Canon Camera Specialist


All brands and makes of 35mm cameras:

Agfa, Canon, Chinon, Cosina, Fujica, Hanimex, Kodak, Konica, Mamiya, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Petri, Seagull, Topcon, Yashica

All Canon 35mm film, digital compact and digital SLR cameras:

Film: F-1, New F-1,T-90, A1, AE1, EOS 100, 650, 1000, etc

Digital SLR: Specialising in sensor cleaning, CF pin and LCD replacement.

Medium Format Cameras:

Hasselblad, Mamiya, Kowa
Twin Lens Reflex Cameras: Rolleiflex,Yashica, Mamiya and Seagull

Large Format Cameras ?
Cambo and Horseman

Restoration of Cameras:

Leica, Voitlander, Zenit, Exacta, Praktica, Zeiss, Retina
Shutter Overhaul Servicing for: Copal, Seiko, Compur

Repair all lenses for digital and film cameras

Repair focus problems
Clean dirt/fungus
Repair stiff focus mechanism
Jammed zoom
Oily diaphragm
Faulty autofocus

We can have your lenses repolished and recoated

8mm & 16mm Movie Film Cameras and Projectors:

Baileau, Canon, Elmo, Cabin, etc

Specialising in camera servicing for schools – we come to you:

Minolta SRT … new parts are in stock
Pentax SP, K1000 … many parts in stock
Ricoh KR-5 super II
Seagull DF-300X
Minolta X300
Meopta timers
All enlargers


We are happy to provide a verbal estimate free of charge

Should you require a written quote, we will dismantle the item and provide a firm quote for the cost of repair including any parts required. For this we charge a fee of $40 for film cameras - $55 for digital cameras. If the quote is accepted the quote fee is deducted from the total repair cost. If parts are unavailable to complete the repair, a fee of $20 will be charged (plus return freight) to reassemble your camera. No quote fee will be charged

Goods not collected within 3 months may be disposed of to cover costs incurred

Return freight/post charges are charged at $20 fixed rate

Warranty – 6 months on work carried out


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NAGAMI CAMERA SERVICE. 17 Woodville Road, Mooroolbark. Vic. 3138 Phone: (03)9727 3388 Fax: (03)9727 4734 or Email: nagami@optusnet.com.au